Stock Alerts Software that works Stock Alerts PRO

Stock Alerts Pro provides real-time trading signals for day traders, swing traders & long term traders.

Advanced Algorithms Picks Winning Trades in Real-Time

Our Trading System Algorithm has been designed to pick winning trades from 1000's of possibility.

Easy To Use Software

Our Software Comes with Easy to Use Interface with advance features such as Stock Profiles, SectorView , Price Action Stats.

Real-Time Alerts on over 2700 Stocks

Our system provides realtime notifications when Algo generates alerts on more then 2500 most liquid stocks.

Proprietary Charting System

We use patent Pending Proprietary Charting System to Generate Alerts.


Our AI Based Recommendation gives on Average 1-3% profit on DayTrading Picks and 2-5% on Swing Trading Picks.


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Day Trading Package is specifically designed to Assist Day Traders

Our Day Trading Package consists of following apps.

  • Real-Time Trade Ideas Streaming.
  • Stock Profile reports for over 2700 major stocks.
  • PriceAction Profile each stock.
  • Sector Analysis & Industry Analysis reports.

Take 30 Day Free Trial of Day Trading Package to take your trading to next level. Every Day our Real-Time Trade Ideas streams hundreas of signals in realtime.

Swing Trading Package

Swing Trading Package is one our our most popular Stock Signals pacakage because it gives trader ability capture most price swings and lock profits.

Following are the features of Swing Trading Package.

  • Real-Time Trade Ideas Streaming.
  • Stock Profile reports for over 2700 major stocks.
  • PriceAction Profile each stock.
  • Sector Analysis & Industry Analysis reports.

Most of our Swing Trading Signals has holding period between 2 days to 7 days.

SectorView Package is a Must for Those looking for Macro Trends

SectorView Package gives you macroview of market in realtime basis. It gives clear insight into what particular sector or industry is doing.

  • Each Sector & Industry Signals are delivered in realtime.
  • Custom Sector & Idustry reports.
  • Get Realtime notifications when Sector or Industry changes direction.

Covers over 2700 stocks and more then 50 Sector and Industry reports.

Subscribe Today to get unique insight into Sector and Industry Analysis.

Trend Rider Package is designed for buy and hold strategy

Each Signal give clear entry point in realtime, not at end of day like other softwares.

Trend Rider Software is designed to weed out small flase signals and ride the trend so to capture maximum gains.

  • Real-Time Trade Ideas Streaming.
  • Holding Period for trade is between 1 month to 6 month.
  • Stock Profile reports for over 2700 major stocks.
  • PriceAction Profile each stock.
  • Sector Analysis & Industry Analysis reports.


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  • 14 Day Free Trial
  • No Credit Card Required
  • Windows App
  • Real-Time Signal Notifications
  • E-MINI S&P 500 RT Signals
  • E-MINI NASDAQ 100 RT Signals
  • MINI RUSSELL 2000 RT Signals
  • CRUDE OIL RT Signals
  • GOLD RT Signals
  • Chat Room (Coming Soon)
  • All Future Upgrades Included
  • eMail Support Included



  • 30 Day Free Trial
  • Windows App Access( Coming Soon)
  • iOS App Access(Coming Soon!)
  • Real-Time Signal Notifications
  • Signals on over 2700 Stocks
  • Web based Charting App(Coming Soon)
  • Daily Earning Calander(Coming Soon)
  • Daily IPO Calander(Coming Soon)
  • Stock Profiles
  • PriceAction Profiles
  • Chat Room (Coming Soon)
  • All Future Upgrades Included
  • eMail Support Included



  • 14 Day Free Trial
  • Our Unique Patent Pending SectorView
  • Windows App Access ( Coming Soon)
  • Intraday SectorView
  • End of Day SectorView
  • Over 3000 Stocks in SectorView
  • Web based Charting App(Coming Soon)
  • Stock Profiles
  • Sector Change Alerts
  • Sector Analysis
  • Industry Analysis
  • All Future Upgrades Included
  • eMail Support Included


Frequently Asked Questions

  • Does StockAlertsPRO offers free trial?

    If you would to get a feel for our real-time stock pick alerts, Trial subscription is for you. It provides one week membership to our real-time Text and Email alerts. This is a non-recurring subscription; you are charged only once and you don’t have to cancel anything. We recommend you sign-up for monthly/quarterly plan after a week or resubscribe for another week of Trial subscription.

  • There is 3 different ways you can trade/invest in the stock market, to be successfull in stock market its very important that you aling your personality with trading style. We have 3 packages which are designed for speciifc trading style in mind.

  • Day Trading allows trader to capture intraday movements in price of stock and profit from it. This type of trading is most difficult as their are thusands of variasons and signals getting triggered thoughout the day and its very difficault to filter through it. Our Day Trading Package address this issue by sending you Day Trading Signals in realtime.

  • Swing Trading provides traders oppertunity to profit from swings in stock prices. Avg holding period is from 2 days to 2 weeks.

  • SectorView is our propriatory method of showing what sector and industry is doing at particular time and it also identifies the point where entire sector or industry is changing direction in realtime. our SectorView Charts get updated every 10 mins in realtime.

  • Stock Profile shows all the financial numbers related to stock for past 10 years and key statistics for most recent 5 year period. Each Stats clearly indicates direction the numbers are going with up and down arrows.

  • PriceAction Profiles provide stocks history from day of ipo to current, with all the advance statistics releated to how the price of stock has acted in past. PriceAction Profile also includes Advance Technical Analysis on current price of stock.

  • We use latest Machine Learning algorthims to build,trail,and deply prediction engine in realtime, we have trained our models on 30 years of financial data on over 3000 stocks to build the AI knowldege whereshouse , Each time stock tick is updated the system feeds into this knowldege base and based on historical understanding it gives recommendation.


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